Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog Original Oil Painting, 16"x20", B Ann, OOAK

This is an original oil painting, on a 16"x20" stretched canvas. The sides are staple free and painted. It could be hung, as is, for a contemporary look or add a goldtone frame for a more formal look. It is signed, dated, and most likely carries my signature mark, of a Collie hair from one of my boys. (Most likely Brett's, at the moment)
This painting is loosely based on Cooper, one of my favorite Sheltie subjects. It seems like I was working on it forever, I just couldn't seem to get the look I wanted. I opted for less is more and the result was "Shadow". Any questions, please feel free to email. Thanks for looking!
There are several thoughts about varnishing a fresh oil painting. Since oil paint is not fully cured for 6 to 12 months, I prefer no varnish at all. After that time period, feel free, if you wish. The varnish can be either sprayed on or brushed on, and can be purchased from any art store. It must be suitable for oil paintings.
I always ship oils priority. It usually results in less handling and faster shipping time. International items are the exception. It sometimes take less or more time than quoted. Once the package leaves the States, it can be a crap shoot. As always, I will add insurance where necessary.