SHEPARD FAIREY - Obey Giant - Nixon - VERY RARE!

This Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant designed print was printed in 2000 for a show at Space 1026 titled "Visual Disobedience". The show opened up July 7th, 2000 and was curated by Logan Hicks from Workhorse Collective. Included were artists such as Twist, Espo, Ron English, Robbie Conal, Chris Stain, Logan Hicks, and Dave Kinsey.
Ebay will not allow outside links to websites but if you do a quick websearch for "visual disobedience space 1026" the first link that comes up is the gallery website with images of the show, which include this print.
The print was designed by Shepard Fairey but printed by Workhorse Visuals out of Baltimore. 100 were printed but the majority of them were used for wheatpasting around Philadelphia to announce the show. Only a few were offered for sale as they were originally intended for street level advertising.
Just to clarify any possible confusion - this image of Nixon was later used in 2001 by Shepard Fairey for a print he titled "Nixon's the one", in 2002 for a print titles "Nixon Stamp", and in 2003 for a print titles "Nixon Money", however this design was *first* used in 2000 for the show at Space 1026.
The title "Visual Disobedience" was also used for a show that he had at Ox-Op Gallery in Minneapolis on September 9, 2005, but, the show at Space 1026 was the first time that this
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