WOW!! I have never seen one of these before, truly a unique item! Weighs almost 5 lbs, is approx 12.5" high overall, almost 7" across base.
'REICHENBACH CENTENARY JUG SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION' (as stated on the plaque at base) 1st side/front: '1991' in Gold paint at top with center image of Holmes and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls, initials 'SH' below. Left side: Image of the infamous fall, small slot in the base holds a small glass water vial with the number 27 on it. (Assume that this is the number in this Limited Edition, which I cannot find any information of how many were actually made.) 2nd side/back: '1891' in Gold paint at top with the following dedication in the center "To Commemorate The Fatal Encounter Between Mr. Sherlock Holmes And Professor James Moriarty At The Reichenbach Falls 4TH May 1891", the initials 'JM' below. Right side: Handle is fashioned in the image of the classic Holmes Pipe. Interior: Has the quote "I Never Was In It". Inside is clean...see photos. The base is solid wood, a lovely rich tone that looks like it is possibly Cherry, Mahogany or Red Oak. Bottom of the base has leather on it in the same tone as the wood. The plaque appears to be brass. The glass Vial has a cork stopper and is secured with fine braided gold tone thread. Number is clear, readable and feels like it is etched in the glass.
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