Sherwood S-9910 100 wpc of musical bliss

Sherwood S-9910 100 wpc of musical bliss Offered is a very clean one owner Sherwood S-9910 stereo receiver. All functions work, although I have not tried to record from this receiver, I cannot imagine that part of it not being functional. Included is the schematic diagram that came with the receiver new. As I was getting the 9910 ready, I noticed that the headphone jack was broken. A used phono jack from a Pioneer SX-780 was installed in place of the defective jack. The last photo shows the phono jack replacement.
Many people consider this Sherwood model equal to or surpassing that of some well regarded Marantz and Sansui models from the same era.
* 44 LBS = 20 Kg
* 100 WPC RMS
* Rated at 490 Watts
* 0.1 % THD at full power
* 0.03% THD at 1 Watt output (normal listening level)
* Designed in USA, Made in Japan
* MSRP in 1978: $725, US dollars +tax
* 21 1/4" x 17" x 8"
* Triple tone controls
* Triple speaker outputs: A, B, C, switchable on/off
* Tone defeat
* Pre out / Main in switch
* Headphones output
* Mic input with variable level control
* Front 1/4" L/R inputs (great pro grade feature)
* Phono MM, Phono MC, Tape 1, Tape 2, FM, AM, Aux 1, Aux 2, Tape DIN
* Phono sensitivity switch: High, Medium, Low
* Tape monitor: 1,2, off; Dubbing: 1,2, off
* Stereo
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