Shibui!" Antique Men's "Sarasa" patern "Kimono" R37

, you shall get ALL YOU WANT ! Old Good-Conditioned Japanese
KIMONO !! Name " Shibui! (Quietly Elegant)" Tasteful Antique Men's "Sarasa" patern " Kimono " Original Material Silk Entire Width
(Sleeve to Sleeve) 131.0 cm
51.6 inch (approximate) Body Width
(Shoulder to Shoulder) 64.5 cm
25.4 inch (approximate) Length 131.5 cm
51.8 inch (approximate) Weight 510 g Condition Considering its age, it is in Very Good Condition! We can't find any particular stains or spots. You can wear or display it without any problem.

We offer remarkably subdued " Kimono " for only eBay customer! Its dyed patterns are alluring.

Why don't you wear it as daily clothes? It will surely satisfy you. Add to your wardrobe, please!!

âe¡ Regarding the color, please understand that it may look different according to your monitor or other circumstances. If you require to make sure of it, inquire us in advance before bidding, please. Or we might not take the consequences.

Payment Refer to the explanation below the pictures, please.
(These shipping charges include the handling fee.) â(tm)¥ Attention!
When you contact us, send a message through eBay, please! Or the server may take it for " SPAM ".

â(tm) , and you see it of the Original size.


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