presents this poster that was printed in Thailand . The poster shows the group, Shinee. Each one of the bandmembers is standing next to each other. They are surrounded by icons. The poster is printed on an unusual style of paper - it's has a texture to it, almost like wallpaper. The paper is very strong and durable. Size of the poster is 23"x35"(inches) and condition is mint. Please note that even though the poster was printed in Asia, we are located in the good ol' U.S.A. ! We ship the posters from California and ship the same week payment is confirmed. Other sellers ship from overseas locations, where the poster might take weeks for you to receive and might arrive damaged. By the way, if you see any posters that you want from our eBay store, we can include them in one order. That way you pay for shipping just once.

CONDITION: Excellent. The poster has never been used or hung-up. No tape or staple holes. The scan or digital photo shown is low resolution, but the actual poster is crisp and clear. If the poster appears otherwise, this is merely a digital camera, scanner or server distortion. Also, scanners and digital photos often make images appear darker or lighter. However, if not happy, we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SHIPPING: U.S. : $6.00, Canada : $6.00, International: $13.00. Shipping is USPS
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