Shining Mountains Bowie Knife by BLACKJACK knives Disc.

is an unused discontinued "Shining Mountains Bowie " made for Edge Design, Inc by BLACKJACK KNIVES . It is a true recreation of a 1800's period bowie. The classic pattern is styled like the "Iron Mistress" that became famoun in the 1950's in the Hollywood movie of the same name in which Alan ladd stared in the role of JIM BOWIE . This pattern is also similar to the V-44 Jungle knife of World War II. the massive 10 1/2" blade is made from 52-100 high carbon steel. The blade has a 5 inch fuller groove which was common on original examples. The crossguard is solid brass and the hand shaped handle is American Walnut. This awesome knife is convex ground and is truly "BLACKJACK SHARP ". It will sever a 2 1/2 inch free hanging manila rope in one stroke. chopping tasks are effortless. The level of performance is astounding. the blade is triple tempered to 58rc and long term cryogenically treated to 300 degrees below zero !. This process enhances both strength and cutting properties. The sheath is traditional 1800"s style with a stud and overstrap to secure the knife. The "SHINING MOUNTAINS BOWIE" is perfect for redezvous, civil war enactment or skirmishers, and also a practical large modern camp knife, combat knife or tactical knife in genuine American style. the knife is 100% made in the U.S.A.. Specs: blade lenght is 10 1/2", overall length ... read more