Shinji Aramaki SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK In-Person Signed Pressbook Japan

Cinematic Pressbooks and Autographs
In-Person Signed Pressbook
Venice Film Festival 2013
Description: In-person signed official pressbook for Leiji Matsumoto's and Shinji Aramaki's animated film SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK.
The cover autographed by the director SHINJI ARAMAKI.
Color of the signature is a bit unstable (see photos), as metallic markers usually are.
Signed on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 before the world premiere ofthe film at the Venice Film Festival.
About the pressbook: a mazing design, amazing huuge photos. One of the best pressbooks that came out in the past years. Check attached photos and see for yourself.
Cover in NEAR MINT condition, inside pages in MINT condition.
28 pages including the covers.
Contents include:
- Synopsis,
- Correlation Diagram,
- Special References,
- Cast Info,
- A detailed sketch of the Arcadia spaceship,
- Leiji Matsumoto info and interview,
- Staff,
- Production Notes.
All in English language.
Dimensions of this pressbook are 8.3 inch x 11.7 inch (21 cm x 29.6 cm).
A letter of authenticity will be sent with the item. This letter serves as a guarantee of legal validity that the item is genuine and signed in-person.
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