Shinsei Mountain Man R/C Trucks

Shinsei Mountain Man R/C Trucks

These are vintage r/c trucks from the early 1980’s. They have been stored on my closet shelf since 1988. Both have been tested and are in running condition. I actually had a ball testing the red one and my batteries were almost dead by the time I checked the black one. I forgot how much fun they were on a smooth floor in 2 wheel drive!

The black truck shows more wear then the red truck since Gramdpa allowed all of the grand- children to play with it when they visited, but they both have nicks and scratches. All in all they are in very good condition

One transmitter is missing the battery compartment door and the black truck is missing the spare tire.

Each truck takes 8 C-Cell and 4-AA batteries for transmitter. Batteries are not included .

I am selling as a set only, will not seperate.