Shipwreck / SS Republic Liberty Seated Half Dollar

1858 O Half Dollar Doubled One

SS Republic Liberty Seated Half Dollar

Newly full detail enhanced by the "shipwreck effect" from lying undisturbed in its original keg for 138 years.

Limit in numbers of this coin found on the SS Republic

Coin Number: 183112-014 assigned from Odyssey Marine Exploration

Bound for New Orleans from New York with Passengers and commercial cargo, the sidewheel steamship SS Republic was lost in a violent hurricane on October 25, 1865 . In August 2003 . Odyssey located the shipwreck at the depth of approximately 1,700 feet in the Atlantic Ocean about 100 miles east of Savannah, Georgia.

During archaeological excavation of the site, coins were picked up individually by the Remotely Operated Vehicle "ZEUS" with a delicate silicone limpet to protect the coin's surfaces. Each coin was carefully conserved and encased in a tamper-resistant holder with a unique bar-coded label from: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

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SS Republic Project Overview The SS Republic®* was a Civil War-era sidewheel steamship that sank in 1865 while carrying a large cargo of silver and gold coins and a stunning variety of everyday wares essential to life in mid-19th century America. It was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration in 2003.
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