Shipwrecks and Their Coins Vols 1-6 by Ernie Richards, Signed, Spanish cobs

Shipwrecks and Their Coins - Volumes 1 - 6 Richards, Ernie "SeaScribe"

This item is a new copy each of Shipwrecks and Their Coins: Volume 1 (1622 Fleet), Volume 2 (1654 & 1655 Fleets), Volume 3 (1715 Fleet), by Ernie "Seascribe" Richards (2006, 2007), Shipwrecks and Their Coins: Volume 4 - The 1740 Dutch East Indiaman "Rooswijk"(2008), Volume 5 - The 1641 New Spain Fleet “Almiranta” (2012) and Shipwrecks and Their Coins Volume 6 - The 1733 Spanish Silver Fleet (2014) and each volume is autographed by the author.

This series of books were prepared as an introduction to the fascinating field of ’shipwreck numismatics’ - the study of shipwrecks and the coins which they yield to divers of today... and those of times gone by. Opening with a nutshell accounting of the loss of these Spanish ships and fleets, the book continues with an overview of the coin types which have been, and are expected to be, recovered from these ancient hulks. Illustrated with coin diagrams and photos of actual recovered pieces, this primer-plus takes you step-by-step through the understanding of the ’hieroglyphics’ found stamped into the two sides of Spanish pieces-of-eight, doubloons, and their smaller sub-denominations. A great addition to the shipwreck treasure enthusiast’s library.

Publisher: EN RADA Publications Edition: 1st edition Year:
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