Shirley Jones exceptional 1950s pin-up girl photo

Auction is for a truly stunning original 1950s photo of actress Shirley Jones -- EASILY RATES AS ONE OF HER VERY BEST PHOTOS EVER . This item was found in a larger collection of actual, original 1930s-1970s press kit photos that were sent by the film studios to the media. It is not a copy, not a reissue, not a print, not a recent creation . The photo is printed on vintage fiber-based archival paper (not rubbery like modern copies). The image has much better clarity, tone, depth and resolution than does the scan below. This photo measures about 8" x 10" and has the original border margins. This photo is in very good condition. The watermark "for sale by Edge-Online" does not appear on the photo.

This item(s) is one of several thousand press kit photos acquired by Edge-Online in September 2008 from the estate of a California-based movie publicist. The photos are from the 1930s-1970s and span many genres, eras, actors and starlets. Most of these photos have the original slugline (press text) or studio stamping. Edge-Online will be liquidating the remainder of this fascinating collection now through the holidays. Thanks for looking!

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