Shirley Jones leopard swimsuit pin-up photo 1950s

Auction is for an original publicity photo of actress Shirley Jones wearing a leopard swimsuit and heels circa 1950s . The lower left corner of the photo has the number 8842E. This i tem is the actual photo found in an original press kit of the 1950s. It is not a copy, not a reissue, not a print, not a recent creation . This photo measures about 8" x 10" and has the original border margins. This photo is in very good condition. T o prevent copies, the scan below is slightly blurred and darkened. The actual photo in this auction has even better clarity, tone, depth and resolution than shown in the scan . The watermark "for sale by Edge-Online" does not appear on the actual items.

The item(s) in our auctions was acquired from an estate. The collection is a truly massive archive of thousands of original photos, lobby cards, posters and press kits from 1900s-1970s. The previous owner kept these items in cold storage and they were just recently discovered and unpacked by the estate. Many were randomly filed as simply "old Hollywood" or "studio photographer" or "unpublished candid." BID NOW -- AUCTIONS HAVE BEEN UNDERWAY SINCE LAST FALL AND WE MUST LIQUIDATE THE REMAINING COLLECTION BY SUMMER 2008 .

Payment and Shipping : Seller reserves the right to reject any bids by other sellers or usernames registered within the
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