Part of a 400-doll collection I inherited, this is the Shirley Temple "Little Princess" doll from the Danbury Mint. As you can see from the photos, it is mint-in-box, absolutely pristine, and in the magnificent condition in which it was originally shipped. However... I do believe in full disclosure. If you look at the last photo, you will notice that one of the corners of the box has been slightly compressed. It's no big deal but, like I said, I believe in full disclosure. Winner to pay $13 for shipping and insurance. I accept only PayPal with a confirmed shipping address. GOOD LUCK!!!

I'm getting some questions about these, and thank you so much for asking. This doll is porcelain and approximately 18 inches tall. When I ship it to you, it will come in its original Danbury box within the original shipping box. I will use brown wrapping/shipping paper to completely cover the original shipping box. Again, thank you for your questions.