SHIRLEY TEMPLE Original Authorized Edition "Shirley Temple through the Day" L@@K

Shirley Temple

America's Sweetheart

You are bidding on an Authorized Edition

Original 1936 Magazine type Book


"Shirley Temple through the Day"

The book definitely has been used and looked through and

seen better days but all said and done it is in really good shape

for being 76 years old.

Apparently from the back page and some on the Front cover

it was owned by someone named Mary...

the clear cellivane binding has struggled to hold it together

but needs some help...I do believe it could be reattached

just not knowing anything about restoring antique books

didn't want to try it.

I showed some of the inside is a fascinating

read expecially if you are a Shirley Temple fan.

I did look it up and Unauthorized editions and reprints

I have seen going for 24.00.....I am starting the bidding out

at 17.50 due to the shape of the item....

But what an awesome item to add to your collection

Doesn't come with stand .... used only to take pictures

We acquired from an Estate Sale of an Antiques / Vintage

Items Collector that had passed and would now like

to share with you...

Please bid based on the condition
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