e shisha Cigar,eshish thing, 1300mAh High Quality / Strength, with posh gift box

Disposable eshisha Cigar (stupid name - great product)
THE HEALTHY OPTION, Clean and free from nasty chemicals, AROUND 800 'PUFFS'
My husband smokes cigars occasionally to 'celebrate'
Despite kicking him into the garden the 'stench' still gets into everything,my clean washing,the sofa, even the children's hair! and as for him...well, so as you can imagine his 'celebration' is short lived
I got him one similar to these,but not as good,and he liked it.....YEY !!
So I invested in a bulk load of the Highest 'Strength' Best quality,most realistic ones I could afford and have some spare,he even smokes these indoors now and anywhere he likes,
He says he actually prefers these to a traditional cigar (I suspect a combination of truth,keeping me happy therefore him happy,and it being a 'gadget') he now celebrates more often, but I don't mind
now I can smell the fabric conditioner I paid good money for and can cuddle my kids without feeling ill, ...I don't want much from life,
Sale is for 1 x eshisha Cigar, Brand New in Box, Dispatched within 1 day of payment
Large vapour volume Automatic use (activates on demand - no button) Cigar length 119mm Diameter 14mm weight 21g
CE , FDA and RoHs Certified and fully compliant with ebay resale legislation, Clouds of fine flavour
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