Shiva Shakti Tantric Yab Yum Bronze Finished Statue

Shiva - Shakti Hindu Yab Yum Tantric Statue
8 inch Hand Finished Cold Cast Bronze Statue of Tantric Love #AT-O-55B
The couple who symbolize sacred sexuality is presented in cold cast bronze, a shiny and more perfect blend of resin and bronze powders. Each statue is hand finished. Subtle beauty perfect for indoor gardens w this tantric couple adds art and grace to any space.
, the intertwined Buddha Shakti couple are fused together and seated on a wide open lotus flower of enlightenment.
Bronze finish resin statue - 8.25 x 5.5 x 5 inches
Typical Retail: $50.00 Our Price: $42.00
Shiva and Shakti in the sacred sexual union and position called Yab-Yum (literally Father-Mother) denoting the perfect balance between physical and spiritual, male and female.

Shiva-Shakti : Hindu. The Sacred Marriage of Lady and Lord, depicts a condition of enlightenment w male and female human principles, anima and animus, yin and yang, are perfectly combined in a balanced way. In these images, the union of Vajradhara and Shakti expresses the sacredness of sexuality as a path to spiritual union. Vajradhara (Hindu Shiva) represents the original, primordial Buddha, the one absolute power which creates itself, with no beginning and no end.

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