Shock July 1948 1st Series Original Pulp! Blonde in peril!

Another Sixth Street Collection book! Shock July 1948! A nice example of the series in collectible condition. The edges are solid with no pieces missing. There is a mark about about two inches from the bottom that runs across the cover to the spine like a heavy book sat on it for the past 70 years but is not very noticeable unless the light reflects off it. Once again there is no reading line and the spine is solid and very nice. The interior paper quality is the normal for this collection: lighter in the center fading to a bit darker around edges as seen in pics. The back cover is acceptable. This book is really in decent shape with nice colors and minimal damage to the cover. The book has the normal waves from sitting in a basement for the past 70 years. Another nice cover painting.
Its easy to get jaded when you have a massive collection of something but that just doesnt happen with these books. Each one just exudes personality and make you want to see more of them. The cover painting is exceptionally cool and the book would be a beautiful addition to any collection.
A very cool book. This book comes from a collection which started over 75 years ago and has sat in a basement until a month or so ago - you will be the 2nd true owner of this book. I have started posting larger pics of the pulps at . is for the golden age
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