SHOCKRA kaleidoscope by Shelley Knapp

A stunningly beautiful kaleidoscope made by Shelly Knapp. She titles this production series "Shockra" and it was made from 1995 possibly into 1997. I purchased this new at a Kaleidoscope store on the central coast of California - in Cambria - in 1997. T are also included 2 page-sized sheets that came with the scope - one giving info about Shelley and her art and the other more specifically refers to the SHOCKRA design.

Overall length is 8 1/4 inches

i/Image is an eight pointed star.

Barrel is purple metallic marbelized and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Object chamber is dichroic lined and side lighted. Objects of various colors and individually sculpted glass.

One never seems to see the same moving images twice - like snowflakes. The oil medium makes the images slow down and eventually stop changing.

A beautiful scope. Current scopes by Ms. Knapp retail with starting prices of about $ 250

The photo images by me and my digital camera are the best that I can do...shot thru the aperature, and they don't come close to the real beauty.