Shogun Warriors/die cast metal toy lot.NIP. CIR 1977 NR

Shogun Warriors in the packages! My toys from when I was a kid and I forgot I still had them! As you can see from the pictures, the toys are in great shape as well as the boxes for them. All the parts are t!!!

Vintage toy lot available most new in package-MINT! Shogun Warriors-Dragun, Danguard & MORE!
is the list of what the lot includes:
1.) Raider-new in box, 6 inch size
2.) Dangard-new in box, 7 inch size
3.) Dragun-new in box, 6 inch size
4.) Raydeen-new in box, 7 inch size
5.) Gaiking-new in box, 7 inch size
6.) Poseidon-new in box, 4 inch size
7.) Gaiking-new in box, 4 inch size
8.) Dragun-new in box, 4 inch size
9.) Combatra-new in box, 4 inch size
10.) Star Mites "Rock Cutter" new in box
11.) Star MItes "Commander Shovel" in partial packaging, like new in box w/o the box
12.) For the loose stuff...Great Mazinga looks like all parts are t great condition!, Poseidon-all parts are t-great condition!, Micronauts-The interchangeable world of Micronauts brochure/fold up paper showing all the Micronauts stuff, We have 3 guys that are Micronauts one in an Egyptian capsule box. Another die cast guy(not sure what he is. on the bottom of his feet it says: Shinsei mini power made in Hong Kong(on one foot) & UFOcommander 7 vulcan- 1, UC-72 on the other-NIce
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