Shoot League Ladders 1984-85 Complete with Vintage Team Tabs

Here's a chance to get a special bit of football history. The Shoot League Ladders for season 1984-85. The sheet has been used but is very clean and bright - see image - PLEASE NOTE: The image shows a team tab missing (last one Arbroath), I have since found this and it's been added to the ladder ready to post.Shoot's� annual free gift of "Shoot League Ladders". This consisted of a thin card sheet on which were printed blank league tables for each division of The Football League, with a slit in the card alongside each position on the tables. Also given away were T-shaped "tabs" for each club in the league (printed in the appropriate team colours) which could be fitted into the slits to indicate where each team currently stood in the league table. As the season progressed and teams moved up and down the table, their tabs could be moved to new slits accordingly.