Shot Glass Wall Display Shelf - #6 X-Large

Hello ALL!

After taking over a year off due to a move, I am back FULL time working my shelf store! Thank you to everyone who has been patient and wanted to order more shelves. In all, I've been doing this for several years now and appreciate all the order and compliments on my shelves over the years. Please be patient. I will eventually get all my shelves back online here one at a time. If there is something different you want than what is posted, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to accommodate. Thank you! Jamie

Description of all Shelves:

All of our shelves are handmade here in North Carolina in my shop. The wood is 1x3 pine, that I hand pick one at a time. All of these shelves will be sanded first, then built. All nail holes are countersunk and puttied. Every joint will be glued, and put together using 1 1/4 inch finishing nails, that are countersunk and puttied. After the shelf is completely put together, I sand the entire shelf again, then stain, seal, and put the hangers on.

Specific Description of this Shelf:

Height: 29 1/4 inches, Width: 21 1/2 inches, and Depth: 3. This particular shelf comes in Cherry stain. It will have all lightly sanded front edges. This was designed for a customer who had 4 matching tall shot glasses. And he wanted me to put his tall glasses
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