Shots Moves Strategies One-Pocket Pool Robin's books

FYI out of lizard andco-author signature editions and P3C books for years, W1P books for months, but still have these SMS s!

Auction Overview: This SHOTS, MOVES, & STRATEGIES -- as taught by the game’s greatest players (SMS) is easily the most comprehensive ever published on the shots, moves, and strategies of the one-pocket game for it illustrates hundreds of moves needed for both intermediate and professional levels. Many photos and illust., 328 total pages, Apr 1996. This auction is of a single, 1996 edition SMS leftover from when went out of business in 1997; this SMS book, however, is in NEW EXCELLENT CONDITION. This book has not been previously sold or even opened, and so, though a leftover from when published in late 90s, it can still be considered as new.

Description of this SMS Book: This hard-to-find out-of-print, 3lb, 8.5x11 format, hardcover, one-pocket book has a great many photos. As per 1996 billiard mag reviews; as with the first book of the set, WINNING ONE-POCKET -- as taught by the game’s greatest players (W1P), the SMS book may be the ‘’finest billiard instructional book ever.’’ The SMS continues from where the W1P left off with "shots, moves, and strategies. Author, book designer, and publisher, Eddie Robin, as with W1P, created this SMS book with help from six co-authors; all six have won
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