SHQ 20mm (1/72) British Chevrolet 2 Pounder Portee

SHQ Miniatures

British Chevrolet 2 Pounder Portee


New, sealed and unbuilt.

Ref No : BV55

The British 2 Pounder, known as the Ordanance QF 2 pounder, was a 40mm anti tank gun used in both the French and North African campaigns. Despite most of the British 2 Pounders being left in France after Dunkirk, the British Army rearmed with 2 Pounders (delaying the introduction of the 6 Pounder) due to the concerns about an imminent German invasion of Britain. By this stage the Germans had already 'recycled' captured 2 Pounders designating them 4.0cm Pak 192 (e).

During the North African campaign it was found that towing 2 Pounders over long distances damaged the weapons. In 1941 the British started to mount their 2 Pounders on Morris, Bedford and Chevrolet trucks. Although intended only as transport, the weapon was supposed to be unloaded for firing, crews found it quicker to fir the gun from the truck. This increased mobility but lead to vehicles being reversed into action. This offered more crew protection from the 2 Pounders gun shield although the higher profile lead to more casualties.

Metal kit

Whether for wargaming or just building for display this brand new kit is a beauty. Not to be missed.

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