Shuffle Alley Bowling Machine 1961 by Chicago Coin Co

is a great Christmas item for your gameroom. This classic Park Lane model shuffle alley uses a puck, allows up to six individual bowlers, and you can select from six games:

Keep Striking
Call Strike
Step Up
Dual Flash

Regulation Bowling keeps track of strikes and spares. The other games add ways to score additional points (can go over 1000 points). Some games produce flashing patterns of point values on the alley surface lights so scoring depends on the timing of the throw. As you can see from the pictures, its appearance is good. Operation is also good. It is set up for coin-free operation. I have owned it for about 25 years. It has been in my dry basement, w you see it, and has been used little in that time. It comes with a can of shuffle wax (shown).

The overall size is 109" x 77" x 31". The two large component sizes are 102" x 24" x 30" and 22" x 77" x 31". The weight is estimated to be between 300 and 400 lb. I prefer to sell it for pickup at my home about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh, zip15236. Freight shipment is possible, but you have to arrange for packaging, pickup,and shipping. I set this item up for an automatic shipping quote, but the Freight Quote people informed me that their quote doesn't cover packaging. As an alternative, another Ebay listing (2501907
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