Shuguang GEKT88 tubes - New matched pair

This is one matched pair (not quad) of brand new Shuguang GEKT88 tubes, GEC replica.
Tested and matched by the factory. 60days warranty.
Review by Kamigo on the audioasylum: "....... One hundred hours later and these are the tubes for me! They've really come into their own and sound terrific all across the spectrum. Bass is deep and tight, mid bass is punchy in that "I can hear the air whooshing out of the bass drum" kind of way. Mids are a little warm but very inviting and engaging. Vocals sound wonderful. The highs have opened up and these are the first pentodes I've tried (also GE 6550s and JJ KT88s) that don't have an annoying 'tizzle' on the top end. Detail is excellent, though if memory serves the JJs might have the edge t Still, with my newly set up audiophile computer source (using Jim Hagerman's Hag USB, EAC and Foobar 2000), the detail - including a real sense of the recording space / room, soundstage and what the weather was doing that day - is fantastic and as much as I could ask for. ......"

All tubes have 60 days warranty, tested and matched by Shuguang Electron Tube Factory. Free replacement if tubes fail in 60 days.

Payment method:

We accept Paypal (verified member)

Shipping and handling fee:

Air mail: US$ 15 ( about 12-15 days to North America and Europea )


We have three-year experience of packing and shipping tubes.Not more than 1% packages are damaged. But we are not responsible for damage in transportation if buyer don't pay for insurance.

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