Shulgin blotter art signed by Ann PiHKAL TiHKAL Index Spectrum Synthesis LSD

Ann Shulgin was kind enough to hand sign twenty of these prints titled “Spectrum Synthesis” for the artist (Me) William Rafti on December 10, 2012. This print is of a three-neck reaction flask containing any of the known elements as displayed against a background of synthesized double rainbows. Depending on how you view what's within the flask you might notice clouds of gas and swirling liquid, or the slack jawed spirit within.

I met the Shulgins in Basel Switzerland During the LSD Symposium in January 2006, and personally found them to be brilliant, charming and overly generous- they are living legends. I implore you to do whatever you can to either see them in person or to support them through purchasing anything they’ve created (such as the books PiHKAL, or TiHKAL).

This print is professionally printed on an offset press on archival quality (acid free and lignum free) blotter type paper, perfectly perforated, and hand signed by Ann and Sasha Shulgin in Pigma Micron archival ink. A certificate of authenticity detailing the circumstances surrounding the signing will accompany the print (also printed on archival paper).

Size of print: The perforated area is 7 ½ x 7 ½” (19 CM x 19 CM) and composed of 900 ¼” (.635 CM) squares. The image area extends slightly beyond the perforated area and is about 7 3/4” square
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