Shure 55 A Fatboy Elvis Microphone Mic 40's VINTAGE 55s

The real original "fatboy" 55. Most on Ebay are erroneously labled as such, because they are the smaller 55S. This is the original 55 A, and appears to be one that was actually made in the 40's era, with no switch for impedance and stronger mic suspension that has held up for all these years. BEST OF ALL, IT WORKS! So many of these are non-functional because they are rather delicate electronic devices after all. It has been well-stored in a climate controlled area in a case and has no serious issues, even has the original logo tag on the front. It sounds like a real 55A should sound! Can be wired for low or high impedance, and has the original cord (wired for quarter inch plug). There are a few condition issues, one being that there is a fracture on the front grill that is not unsightly, and doesn't interfere with functionality, but if you take the front grill off it will come off in two pieces. Once screwed on it is solid and strong and it's hard to see with the untrained eye. There are a few cracked ribs on the back of the windscreen, also not terribly unsightly, but worth mentioning. The tags on the base of these early models all seem to corrode more so than the blue enameled ones from the 50's, but that is normal and makes it more likely this was made between the years 1940-1950. This has the original red screen under the grill, ... read more