Shure UA830WB In-Line Antenna Amplifier for Shure U4 and ULX
Wireless Receivers - 470-900MHz Frequencies
An Antenna Amplifier for Shure U4 and ULX Receivers!
TheShure UA830WB is a low-noise, in-line antenna amplifier. The UA830 isintended for remote-mounting antennas to a Shure Model U4 or ULX receiver or Model UA845, or UA844 distribution amplifier in a large installation, effectively shortening the distance from the transmitters. The unit receives power through its output port from the Shure receiver or distribution amplifier. When an antenna is remote-mounted, the UA830 amplifies the received radio signals to compensate for insertion loss in the coaxial cable. A gain selector switch adjusts for longer lengths of coaxial cable.
Shure UA830WB Antenna Amplifier Features:
* Compatible with the Shure Model U4 or ULX wireless microphone receiver and the Shure Model UA845, or UA844 Antenna Distribution System
* Mountable on supplied desk-/wall-mount or on a microphone stand
* Two-position gain selector switch to adjust for longer coaxial cable lengths (3 dB position for cables under 7 1/2 meters (25 feet), 10 dB position for cables over 7 1/2 meters (25 feet)
* Isolates antennas from cable interactions
* Extremely durable under the heaviest use
* Shure quality, ruggedness, and reliability
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