Shure Controlled Reluctance Element 99H86 12-50 HOT!!!!

Shure Controlled Reluctance Microphone Element- Black Tape 99H86 12-50 (December 1950)

Element Tests right at 1,100 Ohms.

Comes with Gasket to Fit Vintage JT-30 Shell (was custom cut by Dennis Gruenling from a Standard Green Bullet Gasket 12 years ago) Also, a vintage Shure NOS pliable Rubber Gasket for 707A or Green Bullet 520 Shell.

Physical Condition- Excellent, No Corrosion, Pitting, Etc.

Output & Tone Assessment (subjective): Element Tested to/comapred with approx. 50 to 100 Black Tape, White Tape CRs and CM Vintage Elements by a 35 year Harmonica Pro, as being best one for overall Output & Tone. Been sent to five professional Harp Mic Builders (pros) with the request to assess and trade/buy, etc. for a Hotter CR, if they had one....returned everytime, with nothing better to offer.

For Little Walter Fans, to help describe flavor...closest tone would be "Roller Coaster" or "Last Night" (not first version) but version with fat solo. In other words, not too gritty like "Rocker", or too clean Like "Off The Wall". Just Full tone like Roller Coaster....nice fat bottom end, even volume up and down register, will honk when leaned into.

Offered with 100% Full Refund if for any reason not happy with element. Refund will be less $20 Shipping for Insured Overnight Mail. Winning
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