SHV Think Book 1896-1996 by Irma Boom - Rare Chinese edition with black cover!

Irma Boom's most famous book: SHV Think Book 1996–1896
The book was a collaboration of designer Irma Boom and art historian Johan Pijappel. For five years they worked on the 2136-page book SHV Think Book 1996–1896 commissioned by SHV Holdings in Utrecht and published in English and Chinese.
"The book begins with holes, without any printing. The holes represent the still unknown future; from 2u96 until 1996, though, the holes do become smaller. After that comes the history, going back to the founding of the Coal Trading Association in 1896. The book weighed 3.5 kilos and was 2,136 pages thick, printed on paper specially made by Irma Boom herself to last for five centuries, a condition imposed by the patron. The edges of the pages are a vital part of the book because of their colour scheme and because of Gerrit Achterberg's poem Bolero van Ravel, which appears on the edges as one leafs through the book. The book has no page numbers and no table of contents, so there is no steering mechanism. The only guidance is provided by the content, which develops in the same way as does the poem. It is an adventure, a journey. You have unexpected encounters and unexpected experiences. It is a 'think-book', in a white cover for the English version and a black one for the Chinese, with eight book-marks for the eight families. The broad
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