Sick Call Set in Original Box Crucifix Holy Water Spoon

Catholic Sick Call Set in original box. The box is wood and covered with what looks like imitation leather. Crucifix in the center, each corner has a gold metal decor and t is a secure latch in the front. Size is 12 3/4 x 7 1/4 x 3". Lovely box in very good condition.

Inside the box is lined with a purple fabric - no holes, frays or tears. A purple ribbon is attached at the side from the top to the bottom and it is almost worn in half. This kept the lid in an upright position when the set was being used.

It contains an art deco shaped bottle for Holy Water, 2 metal unmarked Communion plates with I H S etched in their centers. A tsp. marked Standard on the back and than a smaller spoon (5") with a crucifix on the front and on the back 760 WB and W below that.

Two metal candle holders are built into the box. A removeable 7" crucifix in inside the lid. The cross is wood and Christ is metal. One of his hand w a nail is through it is damaged and it looks like the fingers are gone.

Three linen cloths are in the box and they came with it and I will leave them in it.

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