Sick's Seattle (Wash.) Brewing 22-Inch Display Bottle

This 22-inch high glass display bottle advertises Sick's Select Brew 66, it replicates an 11 oz. bottle. Sick's Seattle Brewing & Malting Co., Seattle, Washington, was in business under that name from 1944-1957. This bottle was on display in the museum at the Miller Brewery in Fort Worth.

The bottle is 8 inches wide at the base. It's in good condition with no cracks or chipping. The label has some scrapes, scuff marks and discoloration but its image is still very clear. T are a few flecks of paint near the neck; the crown shows wear and has a 1-1/4 inch slit cut into the metal.

Regarding payment: Please note that we will be charging state sales tax on the purchase; the rate will be based on the state in which the winner resides. The figure will appear on your invoice. We charge sales tax because we're part of the Miller Brewing Company which does business in all states, and is obligated to collect and remit sales taxes on its transactions. Good luck in the auction!