Sideshow Platoon Corporal Rhah 12

Platoon's Corporal Rhah

Although the film Platoon focuses on the thoughts and fears of only one soldier, Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), the heart of a platoon exists within the minds and souls of all of the men who serve in the unit. In Oliver Stone's epic saga about Vietnam, the men are forced into choosing sides, between right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral, all the while questioning their choice in a situation that begs to be questioned.
A 100% accurate figure of actor Francesco Quinn as Rhah As the leader of the 'Underworld.' Rhah offers an often eccentric but satisfying perspective on the insane situation the platoon members find themselves in. This limited edition figure comes with fully packed out for jungle combat including his staff.

The Rhah 12 inch Figure features:

M-16 Rifle Jungle Uniform Nam Boots Canteen, Rifle Pouches, First Aid Kit, and Jungle Kit M-1 Helmet w/ Bug Repellant Bottle Jungle Belt, and H-Harness M-16 Bayonet and Sheath Wrist Watch Nam Jungle Pack Nam E-Tool and Cover Nam Flack Jacket Rhah Stick w/ Barbwire

This item is BRAND NEW, in MINT condition, and has never been opened!