Sidney Advertising Calendar Clock Lisbon Falls Maine

Sidney Advertising Calendar Clock Lisbon Falls Maine

Sort of like the Goggle of 1888


Sidney Advertising Calendar Clock from Lisbon Falls Maine

C.1888, Sidney Advertising Clock Co. Sidney, New York. This firm took out a patent in 1886 for the rotating cylinders in the bottom which change the ad every 5 minutes. It has a calendar movement. The lower three drums have three advertisements each and rotate every 5 minutes to show new advertisements. The top has a stationary advertisement. This is usually the proprieter of the store w the clock is located. In this case a Watchmaker/Jeweler in Lisbon Falls Maine. T are three stationary advertisements reverse painted on the middle glass. These are also period businesses in Lisbon Falls, Maine. These clocks were not sold but placed in high traffic stores and offices for advertising revenues. Sort of like the first Google.


Overall Excellent Condition. Appears to be solid cheery wood throughout except the back is pine. All three glasses are old glass and appear to be original period glass. The reverse painting on the glass is a restoration. The advertisements on the glass are period Lisbon Falls businesses. Doumentation provided. The drum advertisements are early replacements. The top advertisment appears original
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