Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic Jersey, size 50

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey, size 50 (I have added a photo that I made with the size and measurements in inches).
This is an awesome jersey that I received as a gift for the holidays, but it is to large for me. I wore it twice to see if it would work... but it was to big. My loss your gain.
It has a fight strap on the back and all of the numbers and logos are embroidered on. "This is NOT an authentic jersey, but it is still a great jersey to rock out when cheering on the penguins!" There is a little bit of off white colorization on the 8 and 7 on the both sleeves... but you can hardly tell that it is there. Along with a little half inch snag under the right arm that is hardly noticeable. (Correction... it is smaller than half an inch) you can see the size in comparison to my finger tip)
*** I have uploaded a photo of the small snag under the right arm for all to see... and it is not able to be seen when it is being worn since it is directly under the arm.
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