Sig Kadet Mark II rc airplane kit -still in orig. box


This auction consists of a Sig Kadet Mark II rc trainer airplane kit (Sig number RC-49). I purchased this kit back in the 90's when I was interested in radio control airplanes. I was into the hobby for a couple of years and I purchased about 10 different kits. I figured I would build the kits when I got time. After a number of years I realized I no longer had time for the sport so all of the kits were put into storage in a closet. They were stored ever since under good conditions away from light, heat and moisture. They are all still in new condition without any completion or start of the building process. They have no cigarette odors or any other odors.

This kit is still in the original box and contains all the original items. It has all of the original balsa and plywood parts and all of the other parts as well. The kit also has an included hardware kit which includes hinges, engine mounts, wheel collars and much more. All of the original papers are included (building & flying instructions, a very large fold out plan section and all the Sig advertisement papers as well).

The box is still in new condition. The original tape seals are broken but that was only because I opened it at the time of purchase to make sure everything was included and okay. I also opened it again in order to photograph
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