Sign Letter Commercial LED Channel Letter Can "C"

Used Commercial LED Sign Letter, Can & LED lights "C" yellow with red border and the can is black.

This is a single transparent plastic sign letter from a commercial outside lighted LED sign. It is a letter from a sign that spelled "LUCKY DOG". Check my store to see the other letters and the last two photos show what the sign looked like before disassembly and using letters to spell. It is only a single plastic letter cover and housing Can with the LED's, NO wiring or transformer. The LED's are not tested and may not work! You can add lights to have a lighted display or buy a transformer and wire the LED's to light (Test them first to make sure they work! They can be tested with a 12 volt source like a car or motorcycle battery or an 18 volt battery from a drill will work for testing!) These letters are not very old and some of the best I have ever had, some people simply put white Christmas lights inside. Great for college, kids, decorator piece, making names/slogans, initial of family member name, signs for business, etc.

Measurements are about 18 inches tall, and about 11-1/2 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.

Condition: Used outside sign letter and metal Can, may have imperfections, cracks, scratches, weathering, dirt, rust, corrosion, etc. The LED's are not tested and may not work! Look closely and examine
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