is a way above average example of the classic Collins R 388/URR Signal Corp/military radio receiver. These radios were the absolute Zenith of hi-tech engineering and construction and cost around $1000.00 in early 50's money. To this day they are fine performing receivers and quite coveted by hams and other AM'ers/military collectors. This one is in way above average condition. The chassis is excellent, above and below decks, with no mods, extra holes, etc.. Serial # is 634 and the radio is dated 1951. All functions on all bands are as new. Face cosmetics are essentially perfect. The drum dial still has the original decal and not a replacement paper. All controls function nice and smooth. The original top and bottom covers are not present BUT! This radio comes with a dandy period Bud case to flatter its' already good looks. Fair starting bid and no reserve on this increasingly hard to find item. Satisfaction guaranteed. Buyer pays shipping/customs. We know how to pack! See our other auctions for more cool stuff!
Buyers please note! Keep an eye on our auctions. We have recently acquired a large collection of pristine gray Collins S-line, Drake TR line ham gear, transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and accessories. Also, some dandy and pristine boat anchors by Hallicrafters, National, RME, Collins. You may e-mail with questions.
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