Signed 1966 Amos Wallace Tlingit Totem Pole

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Signed "Amos Wallace 1966 Griffins Alaska" intricately carved Red Catlinite (pipestone) Amos Wallace is a famed Tlingit artist who began carving at age 18 in 1938 in Alaska and died 2004

The totem pole measures 9" tall and the base is approx 2.5" x2.75" and it weighs about a pound

My friend gave me a box of things his father collected while in the service that he said he just no longer had room for. It included this totem pole as well as some beautiful pieces from Italy, Spain, Bali, Acapulco and Japan This is one of my favorite pieces so I figured I'd list this first and see how it does before I try to list the rest.