A Signed 19th Century? Christian Religious Bronze Icon

This antique bronze christian icon i think is 19th century but not certain could be a little older, the icon is made of bronze with wonderful patina with age, it depicts i think the three wise men with mary and jesus recieving their gifts with other figures in the background , the figures are in raised relief and have good detail, in the corners there are different head designs with a pierced work border between them, on the back there are some impressed marks and symbols one of which is DE which may be the makers initials, there are other numbers here and there, there are also some labels stuck on the back which were there when i bought the icon which i think are in German or Dutch that probably explaines the origins of the piece, the one word i can make out is Florence so the icon may be Italian in origin, 4.5 x 4.5 inches and in good condition apart from a couple of small knocks to the pierced work border