Signed BRIAN Celebration Book by REED MASSENGILL Anniversary & Birthday Special

This week, to celebrate my model BRIAN during the week of his 40th birthday, and to commemorate our 20th anniversary of shooting together next month in November, I am offering a special group of Brian-related auctions this week. Most of them will be listed in the Mature Audiences category.
This auction is for a SIGNED AND INSCRIBED HARDCOVER EDITION OF MY 2001 BOOK BRIAN: A NINE-YEAR PHOTOGRAPHIC DIARY . It has been signed by both the model (Brian) and the photographer (me), a shown in my second scan.
This book was a labor of love in many respects, although I was never content with the selection of images that ultimately were included. When you've shot a model as long as I had (then) been shooting Brian, there are literally thousands (if not tens of thousands) of images from which to choose. The editor of this project (who was the publisher of the book) had final say, however, so some wonderful images I had championed were cut, and others that I thought were less interesting or less deserving were included. Nevertheless, this was a special book for me, and this copy is in EXCELLENT condition. Brian's inscription is especially forthright.
Since Brian's 40th birthday was this week, I've pulled out some special items, and I'm listing them all at a flat starting price of $40.00. Several of them, I think, are worth quite a
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