Signed Caspar Darare Bronze Shona Head Sculpture SR-16


This is a collectable sculpture by Caspar Darare. The bottom is marked "266/400 SR16 Casper D (c)". In his lifetime, he created a beautiful finished product that reflected the proud traditions of Africa in an unusual form. Casper Darare is a South African of Shona decent. He worked and studied under the renowned mute Shona sculptor, Shadu Chatsamer. Since the early 1970's, Casper's work has been exhibited in major South African galleries, the United States, Holland, the United Kingdom and Singapore. His Work is recognized as one of South Africa's best known representative sculptors and his works are sought by collectors worldwide- Queen Elizabeth's collection includes two of his pieces. Casper's strength lies in his amazing ability to create human figures and great expression, sensitivity, mood, and beauty, all of which are exhibited phenomenally in this piece. A must have african sculpture for any collection or decor!

It measrues apx. Height 5 3/4", Width 5", Depth-2 7/8"

This item is in great used condition. The right ear is missing a piece (see photos). I have listed it at a reasonable price to compensate.

The photo may appear lighter or darker than the actual item due to flash photography. **** Please, check our great feedback and !! ...If you have any specific questions
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