Signed Fantoni Sculptural Vase Nude Women Eames Era

This is a fantastic, signed, Marcello Fantoni vase standing a VERY IMPRESSIVE 16 1/2" tall and 8" wide at the broadest part of the base. The date of creation of this wonderful masterpiece has been determined to be from the Mid Century Modern Eames Era circa 1960's. It is made from red clay, the most expensive and durable clays. In the expert opinion of Walter Del Pellegrino, a regular contributor to the Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion board on eBay, as well as author of Italian Pottery Marks from Cantagalli to Fornasetti, 1850-1950 , this vase WAS NOT a mold-made production piece, it was made by HAND. This does not mean that Fantonihimself made the piece but it does make it a distinct possibility. This signed beauty is a sculpted piece with an irregular shape. The tree trunk that is to the left of the full frontal nude woman is actually an indented portion of the vase that conveniently serves as a handle.
T is speculation that this vase tells some sort of story, possibly of an Adam and Eve theme. Different people have seen different shapes and forms in the trunk and branches of the trees. I will not tell you what has been suggested, but rather will leave it to your fertile imaginations. Condition: T is a hairline crack on the back side of the vase that runs halfway around the base as pictured in the last photo. I only
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