SIGNED George Fuller A History Of The PNW HB Book 1st WASH Spokane Indian Wars

Signed by by George W. Fuller, Spokane (Washington) Librarian and Secretary to the Eastern Washington Historical Society and author of the book "A History of the Pacific Northwest". Published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1931, this book is a First Edition, First Printing.

Author's signature appears inside front cover ink "George W. Fuller"

George Fuller undertook the remarkable task of writing the history of Washington state, a state not even 50 years old at the time - Washington was admitted to the Union in 1889. Fuller's long term goal was to build a repository of historical information at the Spokane library for future generations to appreciate. His legacy is still intact today at the Spokane library. A salient point in his 383 page book and a first at the time, is his covering of the Indian Wars in the area dating from around 1850. At the time not much had been written about this subject. Fuller's research included walking the past skirmish locations and he even drew up maps. Among the subjects he covers in the book is the Whitman Massacre and Nez Perce Chief Joseph.

Condition: No dust jacket. Blue hardcover has some surface wear and the front cover shows some splotchy areas on blue color. Some pencil marks inside front cover and on a few pages. Paper book plate on inside front page.

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