Signed Haitian Painting by Levoy Exil, Saint-Soleil

Signed Painting by Renowned Haitian Artist Levoy Exil
Date: 1996
Artist: Levoy Exil
Materials: Acrylic on Canvas
30 1/2" x 24 1/2" (unframed on wooden stretchers)
One of the founding members of the Saint-Soleil Group, Haitian artist Levoy Exil has produced some of the century's most celebrated art. Born in Fermathe in 1944, Levoy began painting in 1972. He attended the famous Saint-Soleil workshops in 1973 and went on to become one of the leading figures of the movement. Often described (erroneously) as a mere peasant commune, the Saint-Soleil workshops were, in essence, artistic experiments conducted in the mountains above Port-au-Prince in which as-yet-untrained artists were given acrylics and canvases and told to do whatever came naturally. The results were astounding and today stand as a marked departure from Haitian artists' earlier primitive explorations. Speaking on his work, Exil claims that his inspiration comes from dreams and visions about his past lives. He is famous for giving the Vodou spirits in his works animal companions. While the Saint-Soleil Group disbanded in 1978, Levoy Exil continues to exert an enormous influence on the Haitian art scene.
In this painting, two loas (Haitian Vodoun spirits) are depicted around a vibrant sun-like face. The colors are extremely vibrant, accompanied by
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