Charles IX, King of France (1550-1574)

MANUSCRIPT DOCUMENT SIGNED "Charles" and "?" (illegible, his secretary's signature), dated "Paris le vingt-deuxième jour d'aout de l'an de grâce mil cinq cent soixante dix" [22/08/1570], pen and ink on vellum, 1 leaf, 1p.
Letter by Charles IX ordering to pay "318 livres" to Michel Maupeou for the period of two months between his instalment as "receveur general" and his being sworn in.

Charles IX was the son of Henri II and Catherine de Medici. He ruled France from the age of ten, up to his early death in 1574. Catherine de Medici still held a firm grip on the affairs of state during her son's reign. Charles IX was responsible for the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, when thousands of protestants were killed.

As often with letters from this time, a section of the vellum that had nothing written on it was cut out for reuse ( the lower right corner), partly browned. Extremely rare!
This letter comes from the Van Dijck collection (read below). It is one of the few documents that was reproduced photographically in the catalogue, considered one of the top items. I will of course join a photocopy for the buyer.

In the next days and weeks I will be offering more manuscripts. I am now selling the kings that have ruled France from the middle ages to the French
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