Officially NASA RP-1024, this is an authentic Astronaut-signed hard-bound 3-Volume NASA Reference Publication 1024--over 7 pounds of human factors anthropometric design information in 3 thick hard-bound volumes. It was produced from the Human Factors Laboratory at Johnson Space Center in 1978.

Volume 1 is "Anthropometry Source Book: Vol. 1 Anthropometry for Designers" dated July 1978 -- over 500 pages of human factors information.

It is signed on the inside front page to me by Dr. Wm. E. Thornton, Astronaut on SkyLab and CHALLENGER flights STS-8 and STS-51B, and Mr John Jackson, editor and document manager of this document.

Volume 2 is "Anthropometry Source Book: Vol. II A Handbook of Anthropometric Data" dated July 1978 consisting of over 420 pages.

Volume 3 is "Anthropometry Source Book: Vol. III Annotated Bibliography of Anthropometry" dated July 1978 consisting of 124 pages.

All three volumes are in unused condition and except for a little drawn rectangle with the owner's (my) name in it on the 1st page of each volume and a little dust, just like new.

To turn the "owner's name" defect into a positive, I will include as an AUCTION BONUS, a NEW author's copy of my space-based techno-thriller novel, The Endlight Event (click , signed to you.

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