Up for auction is a Seagrove Pottery of Seagrove, N.C. (1953 to 1991), Spittoon and / or Planter Vase, Hand Turned and Burned by the Famous Husband and Wife Pottery Team of Dot (Cole) Auman and Walter Auman, signed Seagrove and the exact date as to when this piece was made is unknown. It has been somew around 16 years ago that tragedy struck the Seagrove Pottery Community, when it was learned that Dot and Walter Auman had suddenly passed away from a fatal automobile accident. These 2 potters came from 2 families that had long time ties and major influences in the North Carolina Art Pottery Movement. They simply called their pottery and signed their wares "Seagrove". I do not think t are any other potters more deserving of this name that also represents a whole community devoted to the history and preservation of one very important part of American Art Pottery as a whole. The Aumans were the 1st to start a museum of North Carolina Art Pottery and they were truly dedicated to the revival and history of the Seagrove area potters and potteries. If this piece holds true to form with most of the "Seagrove Pottery" pieces, then Dot Auman did the turning or throwing on the wheel and her husband, Walter Auman was responsible for the rich beautiful brown glaze that is represented on this piece. I have seen quite a few Auman Seagrove pieces, ... read more