Significant ambrotype of William Henry Thwaites Engineer and Innovator

A rare oportunity to buy a significant ambrotype of a Victorian Engineer. Willian Henry Thwaites was born in 1837 the son of an engineer and innovator Robinson Thwaites (1807-22 October 1884) who was a nineteenth century mechanical engineer and mill-owner in Bradford, Yorkshire. William's father had established Vulcan Works and William also an engineer joined the familly firm. There is much information on the internet about their acheivements see http://www./Thwaites_and_Carbutt

Amongst their acheivements:

1876 Supplied steam hammer to Landore Siemens Steel Co 1877 Supplied rolling mill engine to the Eston Ironworks of Bolckow, Vaughan and Co . Cylinder 36" bore, 4' 6" stroke [1] 1877 Roots mine ventilator for the South Durham Coal Company, Chilton Colliery, near Ferryhill. ‘Pistons’ 25 ft dia, 13 ft wide, driven via bevel gears by a two cylinder horizontal steam engine with cylinders 28" dia and 4 ft stroke. Only one side of the engine was envisaged to be required for the initial duty of 87,000 cu ft/min at 15 rpm (maximum capacity 200,000). Running clearances of the rotary pistons were only 1/8" [2] 1880 The company name was changed to Thwaites Brothers 1894 The Howatson Low-Pressure Boiler. Article and illustration in 'The Engineer' 1894 Battery of Filters for Lay Sugar Factory in Cairo

This hand tinted

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